by:Chris Griffith From:The Australian June 04, 2013

THE SOS Mobile Watch for elderly users is another piece of wrist tech wizardry we’ve been trialling.

Developed by Sydney brothers Peter and Paul Apostolis, the watch contains a SIM card and GPS chip. In an emergency, an elderly wearer can press a big red button to get help.

The watch then dials the numbers of three pre-defined carers in turn until someone answers. These could be professionals, close friends or relatives.

Those designated carers also can dial in and try to talk to the wearer. Carers also can locate the wearer on a map, useful if a loved one is in danger of wandering. And anyone with the watch’s number can call for a chat.

I found the watch did everything it was expected to do. Provided the wearer is trained to press the big red button in an emergency, the rest of the functions – setting the time, watch settings, and operating the other three buttons – are best left to a carer.

For this system to work, the wearer must be trained to wear the watch each day and take it off while bathing, as it isn’t waterproof – yet. The watch needs recharging every few days and a tech-savvy, healthy ageing baby boomer could do this, but in many cases it’s best left to a carer.

The SOS Mobile Watch by MCareWatch is a fantastic idea for families concerned about a loved one living alone.

RATING: 8/10

PRICE: $399 (with 12 months’ mobile data), or $39 a month