A new watch can help track the movements of vulnerable people

By Nathan Taylor

Christmas is just around the corner and it can be difficult finding the perfect gift for parents that have everything. If mum and dad are getting older and concerns are growing about their health and safety, the SOS Mobile Watch may be the answer for the Christmas stocking this year.

Developed and released by Australian company mCareWatch earlier this year, the SOS Mobile Watch is an all-in-one standalone smartwatch, mobile phone, location finder and personal emergency alarm. It’s also the only waterproof device of its kind in the world, meaning it can be worn in the shower.

Designed to assist the elderly, disabled or people with special needs, the SOS Mobile Watch helps families and carers stay connected and close to help if needed. There’s a SOS button that dials three pre-set emergency numbers when pressed and a built in microphone and speaker allowing hands free calls. The wearer doesn’t need to press anything when a call comes in as the watch can automatically answer from up to 20 family and friends’ pre-set numbers. Alarm reminders for medicine and appointments can also be set and a long battery life means it only needs to be charged once every few days.

One of the useful and innovative features of the watch is its location finder. If someone has a condition, such as dementia, and they become lost and disoriented, a family member or carer can track where they are by monitoring the mCareWatch dashboard on a computer, iPad or smartphone. It takes away the stress and worry a family member experiences if their loved one goes missing. Unlike traditional ‘pendant’ style personal alarms which confine usage to limited areas such as the home, the SOS Mobile Watch can be worn out socialising or shopping, giving freedom and independence to the wearer.

Carers also have the ability to establish a safe area or perimeter, known as a ‘geo-fence’ for their loved one if needed. An SMS emergency alert is sent to the carer if their loved one exits the area or perimeter. The movements of the wearer can also be checked through the pedometer feature and if there’s little or no activity it may indicate something is wrong.

The SOS Mobile Watch SMW-14 is available in white, black and burgundy and can be purchased online at www.mcarewatch.com.au.