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this image is of the black mCareWatch by mCare Digital

NEW mCareWatch-241

Starts from $499

This image is of the Black and White mCareMate personal emergency alarm by mCare Digital inclusive of dimensions

mCareMate Pendant

Starts from $249

this image is of the black mCareWatch by mCare Digital


Starts from $499

mCareMate Beltclip

Priced at $20

This is the black mCareMate personal emergency alarm pendant featured on its lanyard

mCareMate Lanyard

Priced at $19

Black mCareMate pendant emergency alarm pictured here on its recharging dock

mCareMate Recharger

Priced at $39

mCareWatch recharger unit shown in this image

mCareWatch Recharger

Priced at $55

This image shows the mCareMate wrist holder being worn by a customer of mCare Digital

mCareMate Wrist Holder

Priced at $39

mCare Digital gift voucher

mCare Digital Gift Voucher

Starts from $50

The image is of the key safe padlock

Portable Padlock KeySafe

Priced at $49

Blood pressure monitor that works via bluetooth

Watch Bands

Priced at $35

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