From: Inner West Courier, Sarah Sharples, July 8, 2013

WHEN Paul Apostolis’ father unknowingly suffered a stroke he did not want to make a fuss or overreact by calling emergency services.

The experience prompted him and his brother to design a new elderly care alarm the SOS Mobile Watch.

The Abbotsford resident has set up a new company called mCareWatch with his brother Peter, whose expertise is in healthcare technology.

After the scare with their father, they designed the watch, which tells the time and is also an elderly monitoring and SOS alarm system with an emergency alert call button, phone and GPS tracking device, Mr Apostolis said.

“Dad became disoriented while out with Mum one day,” he said. “He couldn’t speak properly and had difficulty driving but insisted that he was fine. By some miracle they made it home safely but it was clear that he wasn’t himself,” he recalls.

“He and Mum didn’t want to make a fuss or `overreact’ by calling for emergency medical help, but if they could have easily contacted any of us we would have made sure he pulled over and called an ambulance and he would have received treatment sooner.”

The watch works by connecting its wearer with up to three relatives or carers to their mobiles, and in an emergency the wearer can hit the SOS button and it will automatically call the connected people.

It differs from conventional elderly SOS emergency alarms and pendants as it is not limited to working from a base station at home.


Features of the watch include working wherever there’s Optus mobile network coverage, real time tracking shows whereabouts at all times and battery lasts from 48 to 72 hours after only three hours’ charge time.