How can you play a part in the protection against domestic violence?

 Domestic violence is a prevalent issue that affects individuals of all ages, races, and genders. It is essential to take steps to protect against domestic violence and seek help if you or someone you know is a victim. That’s why mCare Digital, an Australian-owned and operated company, has made it their mission to provide support and protection to those affected by domestic violence.

They have been working with state government agencies and community care organizations to offer support programs for clients who have experienced family and domestic violence since 2014.

A woman walking near a lake wearing the mCareWatch smartwatch personal emergency alarm

Personal safety devices aiding the protection against domestic violence

To aid in protection against domestic violence, mCare Digital offers two innovative safety duress alarm devices – the mCareWatch Safety Alarm and the mCareMate Emergency Pendant Safety Alarm. Both duress alarm devices have 4G connectivity, which do not require connection to a smartphone and are able to make and receive voice calls. Working with state governments and specialised domestic violence support programs, both devices have been customised to operate in silent or “stealth” mode, providing a discreet way for the client to activate a duress alarm in dangerous situations where perpetrators might be nearby. This is a crucial feature as it allows clients to reach out for help without alerting their perpetrator, increasing their chances of staying safe and getting the necessary help.

The mCareWatch Safety Alarm is a multi-functional device that provides a range of safety features to help victims of domestic violence. It’s a reliable personal alarm, GPS and Wi-Fi tracker, and mobile phone capabilities make it an all-in-one safety duress solution for those in need of safety and protection. The device is also water-resistant, stylish, and easy to recharge in just over 1 hour. The device’s silent “stealth” mode allows the wearer to activate an SOS alert by pressing the side SOS button, which activates the SOS and sends the alert directly to the 24/7 monitoring Bureau, who receive the alert and then immediately call into the device. When the monitoring operator dials into the device, it will not make any sound but only vibrate when the call is automatically answered. The monitoring bureau operator will then listen, record, and respond to incidents without the wearer having to do anything. This is crucial for victims of family and domestic violence who can activate the SOS alert discreetly and without alerting the perpetrator that they have activated an SOS.

In a genuine emergency, the monitoring bureau operator can locate the wearer’s location and access their profile details (address, physical description, perpetrator’s details and history of domestic violence). All this information is immediately passed onto the police, who are dispatched to the wearer’s location.

The mCareMate Emergency Pendant Safety Alarm is an easy-to-use personal alarm, and the size of a garage remote control that can be discreetly carried with a key ring. It’s GPS and Wi-Fi enabled, stylish, and has a longer battery life of between 3-4 days. The pendant emergency alarm is also configured in silent “stealth” mode, so the 24/7 monitoring bureau can dial into the device and listen, record, and respond to emergency situations, without the client having to touch any buttons on the device. This makes it an ideal option for victims of family and domestic violence who need quick and reliable access to help. The key ring included with the device makes it easy to carry and accessible in case of an emergency.

Safety duress alarm devices a quick and reliable way to activate an SOS call in situations of family and domestic violence

Woman holding the mCareMate personal emergency alarm pendant that's utilised for domestic violence prevention

Both safety duress alarm devices are pre-set and ready to use out of the box. The customer care team will provide the follow up support and training to ensure the client understands how to use the device, recharge and activate an SOS alert. During this follow up support call with the client, a test SOS alert is also made with the 24/7 monitoring bureau to make sure the device is operating as required. When the SOS alert is received by the monitoring bureau operator, they will dial into the device and the client will confirm they felt the vibration when the device automatically answered the incoming call from the operator.

The mCare Digital duress alarms provide a quick and reliable protection against domestic violence by activating an SOS call and reaching out for help in dangerous situations. One of the benefits of using these type of duress alarms is their discreet nature. The mCareWatch Safety Alarm looks like a generic sports watch and the watch face has no branding or SOS button to alert anyone that this is being used as a safety duress alarm.

In recent years we have seen mobile apps with SOS capability being used as a safety duress alarm. Although this may be a cheaper option, if a victim needs to activate an SOS alert, being able to access their smartphone and opening the special SOS app to trigger an SOS alert may not be possible if the perpetrator is nearby. Our duress alarm devices are easily accessible and can be discreetly activated without the perpetrator being aware. The disadvantage of the mobile app is that it may not be within the client’s reach to activate, especially if the perpetrator has been able to take their smartphone off them.

Elderly woman wearing the mCareWatch personal emergency alarm

24/7 Grade 1 Monitoring Service supporting our clients

Working with a 24/7 Grade 1 Monitoring Bureau centre, who is trained in this area ensures that they are available to provide the necessary care and emergency response, following special domestic violence service protocols. This means that clients with a duress alarm can feel a sense of security and safety knowing that they can get emergency assistance 24/7. The monitoring bureau support centre’s protocols are specifically designed to handle incidents of domestic violence, ensuring that victims receive the appropriate care and support.

Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects millions of people worldwide. If you or someone you know is a victim, it’s essential to seek help and protection. mCare Digital’s mCareWatch Safety Alarm and mCareMate Emergency Pendant Safety Alarm provide a discreet and reliable way for victims to activate an SOS in dangerous situations. With its 24/7 monitoring bureau support centre, mCare Digital is committed to providing the necessary care and emergency response to those affected by domestic violence. These duress alarm devices can give victims the peace of mind and security they need to stay safe and get the help they need.