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Protecting Against Domestic and Family Violence

To aid in protection against domestic violence, mCare Digital offers two innovative safety duress alarm devices – the mCareWatch Safety Alarm and the mCareMate Emergency Pendant Safety Alarm.

Working with state governments and specialised domestic violence support programs, both devices have been customised to operate in silent or “stealth” mode, providing a discreet way for the client to activate a duress alarm in dangerous situations where perpetrators might be nearby. This is a crucial feature as it allows clients to reach out for help without alerting their perpetrator, increasing their chances of staying safe and getting the necessary help.

We’ve put together a comprehensive article that explains how our solutions are utilised protecting against domestic violence:

Staff Safety Solutions

The use cases for the mCare Digital personal safety alarms, such as the mCareWatch and the mCareMate Emergency Pendant, also extend to the workplace, particularly in high risk roles.

The mCare Digital duress alarms are customised to have a reliable safety security feature, which will alert authorities or designated personnel in situations where an individual is in distress or facing a life-threatening situation. It is a silent alarm or ‘stealth’ mode system activated manually, signalling the need for immediate law enforcement or emergency response.

The mCare Digital devices are particularly useful for individuals who work alone or in potentially hazardous environments, as they offer a quick and simple way to summon assistance without drawing attention to the situation.

If you are an organisation considering duress alarms for your personnel, please contact us for a personalised quote.

mCare Digital personal safety alarms making a difference

Personal safety fight against domestic violence

Our mission is to support those experiencing domestic and family violence to live safely in a socially inclusive environment while offenders are held accountable for their actions. And for those occasions of imminent danger, for our technology to be literally lifesaving. Every year, domestic violence continues to affect the lives of countless individuals, and it’s crucial that we take meaningful steps to enhance their safety and well-being.

As an Australian-owned and operated business with over a decade of experience, mCare Digital has been at the forefront of efforts to combat domestic and family violence. We have had the privilege of collaborating with state government agencies and organisations, providing state-of-the-art duress alarm devices and services to support those in need.

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Staff Safety Solutions

Duress alarms for organisations

Employers have the responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Staff duress alarms are essential safety devices for a variety of professionals who may find themselves in vulnerable situations due to the nature of their work.

Just to name a few examples:

(1) Lone workers – Individuals who work alone, especially in remote or isolated areas;

(2) Community Workers – Professionals who provide services in the community, such as social workers, home care providers, and utility workers;

(3) Healthcare Professionals – Nurses, doctors, and other medical staff, particularly those working in mental health hospitals or conducting home visits;

(4) Emergency Services – Paramedics and other emergency responders use duress alarms to ensure their safety when responding to calls;

(5) Domestic Violence Support Staff – Staff working with individuals affected by domestic violence 

Case Study – Public Housing Agency

Enhancing Community Worker Safety with mCare Digital Duress Alarms


A major Government Housing Agency with staff who provide essential services within the community. Their work often requires them to enter various environments that can pose potential risks. To enhance their safety, the Public Housing agency implemented the use of mCare Digital duress alarms, specifically the mCareWatch and mCareMate pendant.


Over 12 months ago, the Public Housing agency equipped their community workers with these innovative devices. The mCareWatch, a multifunctional safety alarm with GPS and mobile phone capabilities, and the mCareMate pendant, a discreet emergency alarm, were chosen for their reliability and ease of use.


Staff have reported a significant increase in their sense of security and peace of mind. The ability to activate an SOS in silent mode has been particularly praised, as it allows workers to discreetly signal for help if they feel threatened, without escalating a potentially dangerous situation.


The introduction of mCare Digital duress alarms has led to:

  • Improved worker confidence when performing duties in the community.
  • Enhanced response times in emergency situations due to GPS tracking.
  • Increased safety measures for staff working in high-risk scenarios.


The successful integration of mCare Digital duress alarms has demonstrated the Public Housing agency’s commitment to the safety and well-being of their staff.

The positive feedback from the community workers highlights the value of these devices in supporting their crucial roles within the community.

Case Study – Government Agency

Empowering Domestic Violence Support Case workers with mCare Digital Duress Alarms


A domestic violence refuge, dedicated to supporting individuals in need of protection against domestic and family violence, faced the challenge of ensuring the safety of their case workers during home visits.

To address this, they implemented mCare Digital duress alarms, including the mCareWatch and mCareMate pendant, as part of their safety protocol.


Case workers visiting homes of domestic violence victims are often at risk of encountering volatile situations. The need for a discreet, reliable method to summon help was paramount to ensure their safety when visiting these clients.


The provider chose mCare Digital’s duress alarms for their discreet design resembling a regular smartwatch, like a Fitbit, and their silent SOS activation feature.

The devices could be triggered by double-pressing the side button, sending an alert to a 24/7 monitoring bureau without drawing attention.


For nearly three years now, staff have been using these alarms, appreciating the security and peace of mind they provide. The 24/7 monitoring bureau can auto-answer calls in silent mode to listen in and assess the situation. If necessary, they can alert the police, who respond promptly thanks to the GPS and Wi-Fi technology embedded in the devices.


The duress alarms have proven to be an invaluable asset, with staff able to discreetly activate the SOS in emergencies. The time-stamping feature allows for a check-in and check-out system, adding an extra layer of security for both staff and victims.


The continued use of mCare Digital duress alarms at the domestic violence refuge has not only offered a sense of safety to the staff but also demonstrated the employer’s commitment to their well-being.

This case study exemplifies the critical role technology plays in enhancing the security measures within the sensitive field of domestic violence support.

Our comprehensive solutions

At mCare Digital, our commitment goes beyond products; it’s about safeguarding lives and creating lasting change. Our suite of groundbreaking duress alarm devices includes the “mCareWatch” smartwatch, the “mCareMate” pendant alarm, and the innovative ConnectiveCare® platform.

These offerings not only protect but also serve as a powerful deterrent against perpetrators.

Our 4G-sim enabled smartwatch and personal pendant duress alarms have been customised to operate in silent (stealth) mode thus providing a discreet service in times of emergencies where perpetrators might be in close proximity.

Further to that, our Grade 1 monitoring support centre available 24/7 provides the necessary care and emergency response following special DV service protocols.

This image shows the workflow for any person in distress that needs help through the assistive technology solutions provided by mCare Digital.

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mCare Digital provide personal duress alarms to our organisation. I’ve been working with the team at mCare for almost a year now and they are always AMAZING! Everyone I’ve worked with is friendly, professional and super helpful. And, critically for us, mCare always handles our requests quickly and sensitively which is exactly what our clients need.


Kate G


The mCareWatch was referred to us by a sergeant at the NSW Police Force who had spent a lot of time working in crime prevention and with ‘at risk’ individuals.



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