We often get the question what the benefits of a personal emergency alarm for personal safety actually are?

 It’s important to be prepared for any situation and having a personal emergency alarm can give you peace of mind  and the feeling of increased safety in the event of an emergency. A personal emergency alarm is a small device that can easily be always carried with you and activated when needed. Here are some of the benefits of a personal emergency alarm for personal safety:

1) Increased Safety

By carrying a personal emergency alarm, you’re giving yourself more protection against potential danger. In case something happens while you’re out alone or if someone tries to attack or harass you, activating your device will draw attention from bystanders who may help protect you until authorities arrive on scene. In the name of increased safety, it’s a small price to pay to have that.

2) Personal duress alarm for a quick response time

When it comes down to emergencies every second counts, which is why having access to an instant response system like a personal duress alarm could make all the difference in getting help fast enough before things get worse. With this type of technology available at your fingertips it’s easy for emergency services or monitoring bureau and other helpers such as family members or friends know exactly where they should go during any kind of crisis whether its medical related issues like heart attacks stroke etc., or even criminal activity such as robberies home invasions. Having quick access helps ensure that those who need assistance receive it right away without delay increasing their chances survival significantly.

An Elderly woman drinking tea and wearing the mCareWatch personal emergency alarm by mCare Digital
Woman holding the mCareMate personal emergency alarm pendant that's utilised for increased safety and The benefits of a personal emergency alarm for personal safety

3) Easy To Use & Affordable

Personal Emergency alarms are incredibly easy-to-use devices; most models only require one button press in order to activate them. Additionally, many models, such as the mCareWatch and mCareMate Pendant offer added features including GPS tracking capabilities allowing users greater control over how much information about their whereabouts gets shared with others during emergencies making sure no one else has access except those authorised by the user themselves; plus, these personal emergency alarm systems typically cost less than traditional home security solutions providing great value overall.

4) Peace Of Mind

Knowing that you have access to instant help if needed provides peace of mind while going about your day-to-day activities such as walking home late at night or travelling alone in unfamiliar places. For this purpose alone, our clients are making the decision to purchase one of our devices and enabled that feeling of increased safety. Sometimes it’s just the knowing that you’ve got options if danger arises and you can empower yourself to call for help.

5) Discreet Design

Personal Emergency alarms usually come in small sizes which makes them discreet and easy to carry around without attracting attention from others who may not want their presence known. This also helps keep attackers unaware until they get too close for comfort. It’s always a great idea to consider your options for increased safety by using a personal duress alarm and explore how integrating something discreet and small can improve your lifestyle.

Do you require immediate support?

If you believe you need immediate support with a situation in your household (such as being exposed to family or domestic violence) please read here what your options are for support. The Australian government has taken steps towards supporting citizens who have been impacted by family or domestic violence so please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

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The benefits of a personal emergency alarm for personal safety