ConnectiveCare® Platform for organisations


Fully customisable SAAS platform for organisations

ConnectiveCare® platform is a comprehensive yet modular Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for organisations used to manage wearable and peripheral devices to facilitate virtual care models in the consumer and enterprise environments.

ConnectiveCare® is a leading Wearable Health, Wellness & Safety platform and works in conjunction with our award-winning devices like the mCareWatch and mCareMate. It has also previously integrated to well-known brands like Samsung Watch and Huawei Watch2.

The software platform is device agnostic and open to BYO Internet of Health Things (IoHT) devices with the ability to connect to third-party applications using over 300 APIs.

Partners, organisations and service providers can use both out-of-the-box product solutions or integrate and customise solutions themselves utilising our API suite.

The Connective Care® platform meets Australian Security and Privacy standards and utilises Australian hosting environments.

New mCare Digital app now available

When you purchase any of the mCare Digital device with a service plan of your choice, you also receive access to the mCare Digital app. We’ve made some uprades recently. Search ‘mCare Digital in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone. 

Key advantages for organisations

Pioneer in the Wearable Smartwatch category

First to integrate the Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Huawei Watch SIM enabled devices.

Available to work with customers/partners to integrate BYO devices to the leading Wearable Platform for Health, Wellness & Safety, Connective Care® owned by mCare Digital.

White-labelling through APIs

With over 300 API’s our Cloud solution can be white-labelled and is modular for potential organisations/ partners to integrate their own front-end portals, Apps, and third-party applications.

Virtual care made easy

Provides better connectivity, engagement and communication with clients remotely. Gathers biometric data, wellness responses and acknowledgements on whether task or reminders have been completed.

Promotes virtual proactive & effective care and carer resource allocation.

How does it work?

The ConnectiveCare® Platform is a comprehensive device and wearer management system that allows communication within organisations to many devices via our gateways.

We also provide integration to third party systems and call centres to facilitate services in our focus pillars (elderly, disability and personal safety).

Key Benefits for Organisations

Secure and reliable software platform that meets Australian Security and Privacy standards and stored locally in Australian hosting environments
Sophisticated alert management with rapid emergency response using our connected Wearable Personal Emergency Response System (WPERS) devices that can be remotely configured either in Voice or Stealth mode depending on use case
Instantly view the status of clients, staff and facilities in real time, in one place
Analyse staff activity across organisations and efficiently allocate resources and ensure safety of staff if working alone or in the community
Collect, view and track vital signs/ health metrics for each client via watch and diagnostic grade data via BT Peripheral devices. Receive automatic alerts when sensor values are outside normal ranges.
Remote Device & Diagnostic Management enabling the provider to manage all devices themselves, which includes but isn’t limited to reallocating devices to new wearers such as OTs or nurses.

Clients we work with

This images shows the logos of organisations that mCare Digital actively works with and supports through assistive technology solutions

Case studies

We currently have large Health Insurance organisations, Aged Care providers, Monitoring vendors and Community Care providers using our devices and ConnectiveCare® software platform.

An elderly woman wearing the mCareWatch and looking at an ipad reading about funding resources for elderly

Bankstown City Aged Care

“Bankstown City Aged Care purchased 41 SOS Mobile Watches for residents of Donington Gardens. The watches are a new concept in personal security that delivers security, independence to the wearer and peace of mind to the people who care about our residents – their children, family and friends. Each watch is simple to use with a red SOS button that is pressed for an emergency. The real brilliance of the product is experienced by the families of the residents when they download the mobile app. This allows them to check in with mum or dad (Dick Tracey style), whenever they feel concerned or just to keep in touch. Bankstown City Aged Care are very pleased that our residents can experience state of the art technology that will deliver a safe and more independent lifestyle in or out of the village.” – Terry Madden, CEO Bankstown City Aged Care

The image shows one of the Anglican retirement villages in Australia that mCare Digital actively works with

Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV)

“Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV) are a Christian non-for-profit organisation. AVR believes every senior should have an opportunity to access a place to call home in a caring community. ARV have more than 6000 people residing in one of their 22 villages, with carers available to help them at home with everyday activities or health care. AVR’s ‘Housing Assistance’ program has helped many seniors access low-cost rental housing at an affordable price. It is an especially crucial program for older people who are at risk of homelessness. Anglican Retirement Villages is excited to be involved in providing this ground-breaking new technology. We are preparing to offer the watches to residents of some of our independent living villages, to help improve their independence and autonomy. We feel that the technology adds a level of comfort and security for those people worried about a partner who may wander or have periods of forgetfulness. We are looking forward to trying this technology and exploring how else it might improve the lives of older Australians. ” – Allan Waters, GM, Operations South, Anglican Retirement Villages.

This is the logo of St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW

“Our inner-city Aged Care facility is home to three residents, proud wearers of the mCareWatch SOS Mobile Watches. Because of these wonderful devices, so much more than a mere watch, they can get about town again. They can meet friends, go to church or visit the pub, and all the while know we can find them and guide them home. Lost, confused, frightened? No more! They now feel free AND safe! It’s no exaggeration to say that their quality of life has improved dramatically, thanks to their SOS Mobile Watch.” – Ross Conlan, Director of Nursing/Manager (Frederic House)

This image shows a retirement village in Tasmania, Australia that mCare Digital is actively involved in as an organisation

Christian Homes Tasmania, Inc.

“I am passionate about this product and have also learned that organisations and individuals can be struggling without the implementation of these technologies. As a result of the use of the SOS Mobile Watch from mCareWatch we have been able to open our 20-bed Dementia Unit. We have delivered a presentation on this, and had excellent feedback and lots of interest. ” – Marc Van Impe, Facility Manager, Christian Homes Tasmania, Inc.

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