SOS Mobile Watch


Developed and released by Australian healthcare technology company mCareWatch earlier this year, the device is an all-in-one standalone smartwatch, mobile phone, location finder and personal emergency alarm designed to assist the elderly, disabled or those with health concerns. It’s also the only waterproof device of its kind in the world so it can be worn in the shower. The emergency pendants are similar to a necklace or bracelet and are equipped with a button that’s pressed when assistance is required. The issue is the usage of these devices is confined to a limited area such as the home. The SOS Mobile Watch is different – there are no restrictions for the wearer allowing them to go about their daily lives as normal. Once the SOS button on the watch is pressed it automatically dials three carers or family members phone numbers which have been pre-set and a built-in microphone and speaker allows hand free calls. The emergency calls from the watch can also be answered by a 24/7 monitoring service if family or carers are living interstate or overseas. The SOS Mobile Watch SMW-14 is available in white, black and burgundy. $598 outright (includes watch, SIM card, data and set up fee) or $49 per month for 24 months.