Media features for mCare Digital

Over the years, mCare Digital had a number of media features, both in print and online. Here is a selection of a few media mentions we are proud of.

The Australian newspaper feature about mCare Digital shared as an image

The Australian (23/11/22)

Technology is increasingly being used to monitor the elderly and the vulnerable, from earpods that double as hearing aids to smart watches that can be used to call family in emergencies. 

This image is of the article in the Herald Sun published about the mCareWatch

The Herald Sun (30/11/22)

In a not-so-distant future, the kids whose parents kept a close eye on them via smart watches and location tracking will see the tables turned.

Val Lehman (Bea Smith from ‘Prisoner’) talks about using the mCareWatch personal emergency alarm

Lex Marinos talks to Studio 10 about using the mCareWatch

Rowena Wallace talks about how the mCareWatch personal emergency alarm saved her life

Channel 10 News Smartwatch For Disabled and Elderly

mCareWatch – How to talk to your parents about their ageing needs and preferences.

mCareWatch on Weekend Today

Our mCareWatch made it into one of the episodes of Home and Away

This is the photo of Paul and Peter Apostolopoulos on the cover of The IT section within The Australian newspaper

mCareDigital Founders, Paul and Peter Apostolopoulos interviewed by The Australian (Chris Griffith)

This is 2GB radio logo

Rowena Wallace being interviewed on 2GB radio about the mCareWatch

This image shows an article written about the mCareWatch in the online

A article about the mCareWatch (2013)

This image shows the Tech Guide article feature about mCareMate emergency alarm pendant

Connected mCareMate personal alarm offers safety for elderly and vulnerable Australians. An article in Tech Guide (2020)

Ageing Agenda PR feature screenshot about mCareDigital launching mCareWatch

Australian assistive technology company mCare Digital has added a new personal emergency alarm system that uses 4G, GPS and fall detcection technology to its suite of products.

Ageing Agenda media feature about Connective Care software by mCare Digital.

Using data from sensors and wearable devices to move from reactive to proactive care is a hot topic in health and aged care, and while very much an emerging area, many are working on solutions, writes Natasha Egan.

This image is of the PR feature about mCare Digital in the Ageing Agenda

The Ageing Agenda article on the lone worker use case for our mCareWatch.

this image is the Choice reviewed article about the mCareWatch 4G personal alarm smartwatch

CHOICE reviewed our mCareWatch. Click here to find out what they thought.