Our latest announcement: mCareWatch wins award in Singapore

mCare Digital is thrilled to announce that it has been honoured with the award for the best assistive living technology at the 12th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2024. The ceremony, which took place on the 9th of May, 2024 in Singapore, recognised the mCareWatch, a personal emergency alarm smartwatch, for its outstanding contribution to independent living for the ageing population.

From a heartfelt idea to assist our ageing father 12 years ago, mCare Digital’s journey has been one of passion, innovation, and commitment. Today, the mCareWatch stands as an internationally celebrated solution, empowering the elderly across the Asia Pacific to live with dignity and independence.

The World Ageing Festival 2024, a beacon for advancements in eldercare, provided the perfect backdrop for this accolade. As part of a week-long event dedicated to ‘ageing’, the Innovation Awards highlighted the world’s top 100 products in Assistive Living, Home & Community Care, Active Ageing, Technology, and Rehabilitation & Wellness. Hosted by Ageing Asia, the festival drew over 5,000 participants from both B2B and B2C sectors, showcasing cutting-edge innovations and industry-leading showcases.

This year’s theme, “Redefining Care: Activating Communities of The Future,” resonated deeply with mCare Digital’s ethos, as we strive to address the evolving needs of eldercare and its significant impact on communities worldwide.

Peter Apostolopoulos, Co-Founder of mCare Digital, who accepted the award in Singapore, expressed his pride in the team’s achievement: “This award is a milestone for mCare Digital and a moment of profound pride for our team. It validates our unwavering dedication to innovation and our mission to enhance the lives of the elderly. We are deeply honoured to receive this recognition and are inspired to continue our work in redefining assistive living technology.”

Staff duress alarms mCareMate picture here by mCare Digital
mCareWatch wins award at the 12th Eldercare Innovation Awards

Innovation of the Year: Best Assistive Living Technology

Being shortlisted alongside remarkable innovations such as the eAlertCare System by Guardman Products Limited (Hong Kong), AGEasy by Antara Senior Care (India), Buddy App by Bolton Clarke (Australia), and Medication Management App by Phamarcare Technology Limited (Hong Kong) was an honour in itself. However, emerging as the winner in this category underscores the significance of our commitment not only to the elderly but also to individuals with disability and those seeking personal safety solutions.

Peter Apostolopoulos reflects on the week that was in Singapore where, amongst other things, he presented to the judging panel and personaly attended the award ceremony:

“Great week networking with participants and partners in Singapore. Attending the Ageing Asia conference and presenting to judges for the 12th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards. Very proud of our win for “Innovation of the Year in Assistive Living Technology for our mCareWatch” this illustrates the hard work by our team at mCare Digital to deliver an exceptional product for our customers and enterprise service providers.

Presenting in front of the four Judging panellists gave me an opportunity to run through key aspects of our solution which includes our wearable and the ConnectiveCare software platform. They did comment that they were impressed with the features and configurability of device. Of course, the main question was raised around what the difference between our mCareWatch and the Apple Watch and I explained these aspects to them. (If you are interested, please read more about this comparison HERE)

The final night was spent at the awards ceremony at Marina Bay Sands where it was great to see so many Australian Aged Care and Technology providers being recognised for Innovation. Congratulations to all winners and finalists and a special shout out to Acredia and Touchstone Life Care for being Finalists in their categories with their innovative solutions.”

Why is this a significant milestone? 

Those 3 words – mCareWatch wins award – were always something we wanted to hear! The work we do goes way beyond the glitz and glamour of awards but let’s face it, being acknowledged is always a great feeling.

Being able to stay in integrity and have true alignment with our core values in everything we do has always been at the forefront of our mind. The mCareWatch as a product was inspired by the care needs of our ageing father 12 years ago. He truly is the inspiration behind everything we do and we’d like to dedicate this award to him.

We are grateful to do the work we do each and every day and bring together a talented group of people who are dedicated to our mission just as passionately as we, the co-founders are.

This special acknowledgemen is a great reminder of how our products are received and just how many people are supported as a result of continuously innovating in our field. It’s not lost on us that our technology is quite literally ‘life saving’ – we’ve heard this phrase repeated many times and we hope they’ll continue serving those who need assistive technology the most.

Staff duress alarms mCareWatch by mCare Digital
Staff Safety Solutions

What’s next for the mCareWatch?

The team is committed to innovating for all the core groups of customers we serve, namely the elderly, people with disability and those concerned about their personal safety.

We are pleased to announce that the innovation, which won this award – the mCareWatch 241 – will be available in June 2024. While we wait for the stock to arrive, we’ve opened up the opportunity to sign up to our waitlist – click HERE to access this form – and claim your exclusive launch discount once we are ready to launch. You’ll be amongst the first few to be notified once we launch and what special offers we’ll have lined up.

We are also a registered NDIS provider, which means you are able to order the award winning mCareWatch through your NDIS funding. In this case, please contact us on 1300 188 557 or simply email us for a quote at help(at)mcaredigital.com.au.

We’ve also compiled a couple of resource pages that speak further to funding options. You might want to read about these:

1. If you are looking for funding in the ‘Ageing/Elderly’ category – click HERE for more information


2. If you are looking for funding in the ‘Disability’ category – click HERE for more information

If you are an organisation who would like to explore utilising the mCareWatch as a staff duress alarm, please get in touch. We’ve got a number of case studies (you can read a few HERE) that we’d be happy to share.

Also, we’d highly recommend reading the following 2 articles where we outline the use cases of the mCareWatch as a duress alarm:

1. in situations of domestic and family violence – read article HERE

2. as a staff duress alarm in high risk jobs – read article HERE

We are committed to innovation across the board and look forward to another opportunity to share some award winning news. Until then, let’s just relish in this one for a little while longer, shall we? 🙂

mCareWatch wins award