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 mCareWatch Service Plans

Purchase the mCareWatch for $499

Plus select one of the Monthly or Annual mCareWatch Service Plans

mCareWatch service plans when you purchase the mCareWatch

mCareWatch Service Plans explained

The mCareWatch service plans are what brings the mCareWatch to life – it’s the software enabling all the features and benefits of our assistive technology device. By the nature of these service plans, it pays off to commit for longer as the savings kick in with our annual 12 month plans.

When you purchase the mCareWatch, in the same transaction, you’ll also be asked to choose one of our mCareWatch service plans. To make it easy, the service plan becomes a reoccuring charge in order to enable continuity of service. As such, when you choose the annual plan, you’ll be charged every 12 months however if you select our annual plans, your reocurring charge will come through each month.

In addition, we charge a one-off $25 fee for shipping. Your total will include this at the time of checkout.


*These health & wellness alerts are used for observational purposes to support assisted living. Please note these are not to be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

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