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 mCareWatch-241 Checkout

The new mCareWatch-241 in both colours - black and white
One time setup and activation includes:

mCareWatch with setup and activation includes:

  • mCareWatch 4G device
  • Magnetic recharger with USB cable and power adaptor
  • Activated SIM card inserted into the device
  • Pre-Set SOS and Speed Dial contacts
  • Creating your personalised user account for ConnectiveCare® web dashboard and Family Mobile APP
  • ‘M’boarding phone call from our Customer Care team upon receipt of the device to ensure device is operating as required and to answer any questions
  • 12 months warranty
Ongoing Service Plans include:

Service Plans include:

  • SIM card with ability to make and receive outgoing voice calls (SOS) and data, which is required for the connection of the watch to the web dashboard and mobile APP. The data will also allow the family to track the location of the device.
  • Family access to the ConnectiveCare® web dashboard, which will allow you to connect to the device (maps), update features, settings, set reminders and more
  • Family access to the carer’s mobile APP (iOS and Android)
  • Ongoing support from our Customer Care team based in Australia
Detailed description of the mCareWatch-241:

mCareWatch-241 Software

When you complete your purchase on this mCareWatch-241 checkout page, you will also gain access to your service plan, our software application called ConnectiveCare® (as a platform and app) and a SIM card with a phone number.

SIM Card Details

Basic Service Plan includes: 30 minutes of standard outgoing national voice calls (Australia) and 25MB of data per month. Additional charges apply if you exceed these minimum thresholds per month. If you exceed the thirty (30) minutes of outgoing national voice calls per month you will be charged $15.00 (incl. GST) for an additional 30 minutes of outgoing voice calls and 25MB of data.

Standard and Premium Service Plans include: unlimited national outgoing voice calls (Australia) and 1GB of data per month. Additional charges apply if you exceed these minimum thresholds per month. If you exceed the 1GB of data, you will be charged an additional $20 for 1GB of data.

Product Details

Frequency Bands

WCDMA: B1/2/5/8, LTE: B1/B2/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28/B38/B39/B40/B41

Network Support

4G technology

VoLTE Support


Operating System



128 MB




1.47-inch IPS HD 172×320 resolution, full rectangular touch screen

Touch screen

Single touch


Not Supported

Wi-Fi Positioning



Supported but not in use (Future release)

Battery capacity

500mAh battery



Heart rate sensor


 Blood oxygen detection






Waterproof Rating



42 grams


Black Matte or White with Rose bezel

SIM card

4G Nano sim card


Yes, GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Wi-Fi Location Services.

Fall Detection


GPS positioning

GPS using Laser Engraving antenna, Beidou, Glonass and mobile network triangulation

Geofence Feature

Yes, configured and managed on ConnectiveCare. Rated # 1 in Australia by CHOICE.

Biometric Measurements

Heart rate, Blood Oxygenation, Pedometer (step count)




Yes, device can be updated remotely over the air.

Security Levels

Yes, data encrypted. Independently tested and met pen-test certification.


English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese.

Next Steps

Set up and configuration

After you have submitted and completed the order on this mCareWatch checkout page, you will be sent to our ‘Setup & Configuration’ Form (this link will also be emailed to you). Please complete this form (wearer’s details, SOS contacts, specific settings, etc.,) so that our team can customise the device to the wearer and ensure we make it as easy as possible for the wearer and carers to use. Once you complete this Form, our Customer Care team will setup and deliver the watch to you promptly.

Purchase the award winning mCareWatch-241 rated Australia’s # 1 smartwatch personal alarm  for $499 plus select one of the Service Plans* below:

mCareWatch pricing outline

mCareWatch-241 checkout – select one of the options:

The pricing total at the time of purchase includes: (1) the price of the mCareWatch $499 + (2) shipping $25 + (3) the first instalment of your service plan (Monthly or Annual fee)

*please note that the service plan is a reoccuring charge. If you select one of the annual plans, your service plan will renew in 12 months; if you’ve selected a monthly plan, you’ll be charged each month for the cost of the service plan unless cancelled

The mCareWatch-241 comes ready to use out of the box

What’s included:

  • Your mCareWatch-241 4G in selected colour
  • Magnetic recharger
  • USB cable connecting to recharger
  • Power Adaptor
  • Getting Started Guide (mCareWatch-241)
This image shows everything that can be found inside the box with any purchase of the mCareWatch personal emergency smartwatch

What’s included:

  • User Guide (Web Dashboard and Mobile APP)
  • Personalised Welcome Letter with details about your device (mobile number), your account details to access the web dashboard, mobile APP and Customer Care support contacts details

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