Introducing the mCare Digital new mobile app 

The world of technology is definitely like a maze to most people. Almost daily we hear about the next best thing; the next tech that’s going to make our lives easier and even more convenient.

With the emergence of AI and its numerous iterations, it’s hard to believe smartphones only became mainstream about 16 years ago. Some days it feels like we were born with them in our hands.

Since then, connectivity has become something we can’t live without. Most people’s work, especially in western societies, depends on technology and connectivity to the internet. It also comes as no surprise that some of the best performing stocks of the past decade have been technology stocks.

Although mCare Digital isn’t publicly listed (yet), we are one of those pioneers who explored the Internet of Things (IoT) relatively early. A space that combines devices with software for a truly coordinated symphony like no other.

Forgive me for using metaphors – it’s one of those days when a bit of nostalgia of being in business for over 11 years is bringing about the kind of gratitude you only feel when you stop and reflect.

Doesn’t everybody do it, especially at the beginning of each year? We had our team in Sydney recently for a couple of days to talk strategy and plan out 2024. As our team is distributed and many work remotely, getting the opportunity to come together in person is truly special.

In addition to some big bold audacious goals for 2024, we are also launching our new mobile app, mCare Digital.

And we couldn’t be happier. One of our priorities has always been exceptional customer service and listening to our core audience as they help us shape how we serve those most vulnerable in our society.

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Screenshot of the mCare Digital new mobile app – login screen

Screen shot of the mCare Digital new mobile app and other news

The new mCare Digital mobile app – health module for the wearer

A screenshot of the mCare Digital new mobile app launch and other news

The new mCare Digital mobile app – map function 

What to expect in 2024

Although technology is in our DNA and we’ve never taken our eye off the ball when it comes to quality, we’ve found ourselves (more times than we’d like to admit) in situations where being busy with day-to-day tasks have filled most of our time. We are of course very grateful for all the orders that keep coming in and collaborations we’ve been able to forge over the years with agencies, providers, government bodies and private companies.

However, some more ambitious upgrades have been placed on the back burner due to the lack of resources. Well, not anymore. 2023 has been our year of upleveling. We’ve expanded our tech team, which also meant we were ready to update our mobile app.

This new app will be available in the app stores to all our active customers. Accessing the features requires an active service plan and the associated login details. This means we are retiring the mCareWatch app soon and with the mCare Digital new mobile app, we are extending all the features of the ConnectiveCare® platform to be accessible within the app as well.

This forms a big step change in the evolution of our tech stack as previously all customised fields and functions could only be set and edited through the ConnectiveCare® platform.

One of the key features of the new app is the ability to self-register an account. Up until recently, we’ve been collecting all the necessary information from anyone who purchased our devices and set the devices up on their behalf.

We are still committed to offering this service however also giving the option of self-serve to those who might want to save a bit of money in the purchasing process. This will initially be only open to customers who buy online but eventually rolled out to everyone, whether they come through NDIS or other subsidised channels.

(Almost) the entire mCare Digital team gathered in Sydney recently; celebrating the ‘infamous’ mCare team spirit and of course some birthdays and that little milestone called ‘mCare Digital new mobile app launch’. 

Additional upgrades and new devices launching soon

The ConnectiveCare® platform upgrades will follow next. We are focusing on more the UI/UX improvements in terms of navigation but also improving elements of advanced settings to encourage the adoption of these across a greater customer base.

We have ambitious goals for 2024, which also include exploring sales of our devices and technology in overseas markets. This includes having brand presence through partnerships. If you are reading this and you’ve been thinking about reaching out, regard this as your invitation.

One of the most exciting upgrades that we are planning for the first half of 2024 includes a new mCareWatch. We’ve collected a lot of feedback over the years and this new iteration of the mCareWatch will include your most wanted features – longer battery life, one button activation for SOS and most importantly a smaller (dare we say, sexier) size that should appeal to even the most demanding customer.

As the world of technology evolves, we’ve become curious about our own evolution through products and services that could complement our current suite of products. We are exploring this space and open to suggestions and collaborations.

Whether you are someone who’s been thinking about purchasing the mCareWatch or mCareMate in 2024 or you are part of a company who’d like to explore working with us, we look forward to getting to know you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We are planning to attend a number of trade shows this year where meeting in person will also be an option. We send out a regular newsletter if you’d like to be updated. You can sign up via the form below.

We hope your year has got off to a great start and we wish you a successful 2024.

mCare Digital new mobile app