mCare Digital celebrates 10 years

 mCare Digital celebrates 10 years of lifesaving technology! mCare Digital is the home of Australia’s number one smart watch personal alarm (as rated by CHOICE in 2021), the mCareWatch and the popular mCareMate emergency alarm (pendant).

The humble beginnings

Being in business for us is personal and the reason we started the company is because of our father, Michael who wanted to maintain his independence as he was recovering from a stroke.

He was living in his home, and we were increasingly worried about his safety and wellbeing. The personal emergency alarms available at the time were falling short of our expectations when it came to quality and reliability so we had to take action. That’s how the mCareWatch came about back in November 2012.

The ‘m’ in mCareWatch has dual meaning and stands firstly for ‘Michael’ and recognises our father as the inspiration behind the company and also for ‘Mobility’ in terms of what it offers wearers.

Why we do what we do

It’s very satisfying to see our technology and vision making a difference to so many Australians. Our clients and customers share feedback and stories with us regularly, and that’s been a big part of our evolution. We’ve been very focused on delivering technology that is easy to use while offering more features with every iteration.

We are proud to have supported thousands of amazing people on their journey of leading independent happy lives, let that be our elderly citizens, people with disability or those concerned about their personal safety.

Who we support

The Elderly

Those who have early onset of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia have been benefiting from wearing our emergency smartwatch or personal alarm pendant and enjoying a better quality of life.

It’s part of our mission to see elderly people live happy and joyful independent lives for as long as they can. It’s an important part of maintaining their dignity and feeling like they belong.

People with disability

We’ve been working with Occupational Therapists and disability service providers who are able to utilise our devices as part of the NDIS scheme thus supporting people with disability. Our mCareWatch has been particularly popular amongst younger adults with disability enabling them to attend their scheduled workshops and seminars.

Personal Safety (Domestic and Family violence)

One of those unexpected areas of usage for our technology was the personal safety sector, specifically the support we’ve been able to provide to those experiencing domestic and family violence. Working with agencies, government bodies and safety providers enabled us to understand this sector better and customise our software solutions to be discrete yet effective.

Let’s walk down memory lane

We are feeling a bit ‘indulgent’ and would like to take you on a path down memory lane. This graphic is a small window into the key milestones as mCare Digital celebrates 10 years:

mCare Digital celebrates 10 years

Recent rebrand

In addition to these milestones, we have recently rebranded as mCare Digital, the home of the best selling mCareWatch and mCareMate personal alarms. With that, this website is our new digital home. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter here if you’d like to hear regular updates or receive special offers.

Media features

We’ve been featured in many media outlets over the years, whether that be print, digital or TV. One of the most memorable features was in the IT section of The Australian by Chris Griffith. You can read that article here.


A proud moment took place in 2021 when we’ve received an award for best assistive technology product as part of the Australian Disability Service Awards.

The Team

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without our incredible team who we often refer to as the United Nations of mCare Digital. We come from diverse backgrounds and we celebrate that. It’s how we’ve been able to innovate and grow each year, including expanding overseas this year.

Our Loyal Customers

Last but not least, what makes us great is the loyal support of our customers and partners, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning. We are truly ‘in love’ with the process of what we do. Whether that’s the software development or device configuration or something as simple as wrapping up orders and seeing our trusted mail man, Rohit pick them up each day as they leave the warehouse.

It’s humbling to have had your support over the last 10 years – thank you.

We look forward to the next 10 years of mCare Digital and beyond!

Thank you,



Paul and Peter, mCare Digital Founders