mCare Digital Accessories

The mCare Digital accessories may enhance the way you utilise our devices and services.

mCare Digital Accessories

In addition to the mCareWatch and mCareMate personal emergency alarms, mCare Digital offers a suite of helpful accessories. These compliment the products and represent helpful options in a way you use them. Check them out here:

The image is of the key safe padlock

Portable Padlock KeySafe

Priced at $49

The portable padlock key safe allows you to store your house key outside of your home in case you become incapacitated when you activate the SOS and unable to open your front door.

Blood pressure monitor that works via bluetooth

Watch Bands

Priced at $35

Add a bit of fun to the way you wear your mCareWatch-241 with these cool watchbands. They come in the following textures/colours: mesh, velcro, navy blue, red and orange.

This is the black mCareMate personal emergency alarm pendant featured on its lanyard

mCareMate Lanyard

Priced at $19

The mCareMate lanyard allows you to wear the mCareMate pendant around your neck. It comes in the box when you order the mCareMate 4G pendant.

Black mCareMate pendant emergency alarm pictured here on its recharging dock

mCareMate Recharger

Priced at $39

The mCareMate recharger is an easy to use unit that you place your mCareMate pendant onto for recharging. It is included with your purchase of the mCareMate.  

mCareWatch recharger unit shown in this image

mCareWatch Recharger

Priced at $55

The mCareWatch recharger has a magnetic stand, which makes recharging your mCareWatch device quick and easy. Includes the MW-211 Stand, USB cable connector and PowerAdaptor.

This image shows the mCareMate wrist holder being worn by a customer of mCare Digital

mCareMate Wrist Holder

Priced at $39

If you’d like to wear your mCareMate pendant on your wrist instead on a lanyard or on your belt clip, this holder attaches to your wrist with a band just like a watch would.

mCare Digital gift voucher

mCare Digital Gift Voucher

Starts from $50

Surprise your loved ones with an mCare Digital gift voucher. Just like with any gift voucher, you can redeem the value of the gift voucher against any product in our shop.

mCareMate Beltclip

Priced at $20

The mCareMate belt clip allows you to wear your pendant attached to your belt via this clip. This is an option in addition to the lanyard and the wrist holder. 

We create solutions you can rely on.

Our devices are enabled through a customised software solution called ConnectiveCare®, both on desktop and app. Together with a suite of mCare Digital accessories, we are confident you’ll find what you are looking for.

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