The Senior – August 2014

Remember Maxwell Smart and his shoe phone? It seemed fanciful when the classic TV comedy came out, but that kind of technology is a reality now and all around us.

A useful piece of modern technology for older people and their families is a multi-function “smart watch” that has just been updated. The mCareWatch has released its second generation SOS Mobile Watch SMW14. The all-in-one mobile phone, location tracker and personal alarm helps families stay connected and close to help if needed. The waterproof mobile personal emergency alarm works wherever there is a mobile phone connection or wi-fi.

“People are more than happy to wear it because it is lightweight and looks like an ordinary watch”, said Peter Apostolopoulos, co-director and founder of mCareWatch, a specialist provider of e-health and mobile health devices. “And they can wear it in the bath or shower where so many accidents happen.”