Independence for elderly means greater peace of mind for carers.
Technology that supports the way you want to live.

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Independence, dignity, peace of mind

mCare Digital is all about delivering greater elderly independence and greater peace of mind for carers and families. That’s because the mCare Digital solutions aren’t just about crisis and emergencies, they are about supporting the way elderly people, their carers and families want to live every day.

Our solutions are being used by individuals and their families and carers. In addition to that, our technology is utilised across home care, aged care and residential care providers improving the quality and reliability of care provided to their clients.

Individuals and their families

Individual benefits

  • independence and mobility, while knowing they can call for help in less than a few seconds
  • easy contact with carers or families anywhere, anytime¬† at the touch of a button
  • the freedom to live the life they want with the support they need: on holiday, at home or just out and about and enjoying life.

Families and Carers

  • find their loved one’s location 24 hours a day
  • speak to their loved one anywhere, anytime – at the touch of a button
  • be instantly alerted in an emergency via a simple, single SOS button
Independent living and worry free caring for the elderly

Our mCareWatch is not only a mobile phone that’s easy to use but also a personal alarm that the wearer can activate in a case of emergency. Together with the ConnectiveCare platform, it becomes a powerful remote care giving options of families and carers of elderly loved ones.

Aged care providers

mCare Digital can work with Aged Care/ Residential Facilities to provide continued independence and peace of mind to the care provider that caters to the elderly and disabled individuals in these facilities.

mCare Digital ensures safety and security to stay in their own villa/units for as long as possible but also have the flexibility of mobility when they go out for particular excursions, day trips or group activities away from the facility. The solution can be purchased and implemented within an entire residential facility or the option for individual owners to have a consumer-directed model of care that alleviates the management and responsibility of these functions from residential facility management & staff.

In addition we can provide consulting and project management services to customise our mCare Digital solutions for larger enterprise customers to best fit your needs and integrate into existing systems and monitoring platforms.