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Do you worry about the safety and wellbeing of your ageing family members? Are you looking for solutions that support the independence of your elderly loved ones in and out of their homes? We’ve developed the mCareWatch and mCareMate personal emergency alarm devices to facilitate worry free caring. 

There are a number of funding assistance options that you might want to consider depending on your personal circumstances. Further information, links and contact details for My Aged Care, Home Care Packages, Dementia Assistance Funding, COTA and more could be found via the link below.

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mCareWatch wins international innovation award in Singapore

mCare Digital was the winner of the Innovation of the Year award with its hero product, mCareWatch-241 in the category of  ‘Assistive Living Technology’.

Managing Director, Peter Apostolopoulos accepted the award on behalf of the team on the 9th of May, 2024 in Singapore at the 12th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards.

mCareWatch-241 Personal Emergency Alarm – Smartwatch

By purchasing the mCareWatch-241, you are not only getting Australia’s number one (CHOICE reviewed) 4G SIM-enabled personal emergency smart watch, but also the peace of mind knowing your elderly loved one is wearing the watch that can contact you anytime and call for help when required.

Our mCareWatch includes more features than the mCareMate Emergency Alarm. Check out our comparison table below.

This is the image of the Black and White mCareWatch emergency personal alarm by mCare Digital

mCareMate Personal Emergency Alarm – Pendant

mCareMate is a discreet personal alarm that can be independently worn without the need to connect to a base station or landline. It was developed after extensive consultation with individuals, families and organisations that support the elderly and people with disability, and builds on our existing suite of specialised caring technology solutions.

What is the difference?

All mCare devices comparison matrix by each feature courtesy of mCare Digital

How do they work?

This image is a graphical illustration of the mCare Digital workflow that enables the personal emergency alarm devices to operate for the elderly clients

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This is Dementia Choices logo displayed on the mCare Digital website as an accredited provider for Dementia services

The mCareWatch personal emergency alarm is Dementia Choice Accredited

Products endorsed by Dementia Choices are designed to create a dementia-friendly environment for the elderly, allowing people with dementia to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

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What People Are Saying

My mother had the mCareWatch for over six years. It made her feel safe to live in her own house alone and knowing that her daughters or ambulance was only a press of the SOS button away. She did not have to use it many times over the years, but for the times that she did, it saved her life.

mCareWatch is a special device like no other on the market. There were never any issues and if there were, the service was impeccable.

Paola Bolzicco


The mCareWatch has given us such peace of mind as dad has Alzheimer’s and we are so worried he might wander. He is now in a nursing home but not in the most secure unit so again, the mCareWatch give us some peace of mind.

The team at mCare are always so very helpful if we have a question and have set the watches up for us so that all we have to do is make sure they are charged up. Many sincere thanks to everyone at mCare for everything you do.

Kath Fraser


Case Study – Elderly

The Challenge

Even at 72, when Kerry’s mum Jacqueline walks, she sets a cracking pace. And she loves walking. This has stood her general health in great stead, but it’s also become a bit problematic since she was diagnosed with dementia about five years ago.

“Mum would take herself off for a walk then get confused and turn around. A few times we even had the police out looking for her. When they’d find her, she wouldn’t realise exactly how lost she was or where the time had gone,” recalls Kerry.

A much loved member of her local community and with a social spirit undiminished by her illness, when Jacqueline went wandering her family was alerted by her neighbours and friends. She was always brought safely home. However both Kerry and her dad, Bill, Jacqueline’s main carer, feared it was only a matter of time before she slipped away unnoticed and the outcome would not be so good.

The search for a way to keep track of Jacqueline and ensure she could communicate with her family anytime and anywhere was on.

The Findings

Since the initial diagnosis, Bill, Jacqueline and Kerry have worked with carers to create a weekly routine that gives Jacqueline the safety and stimulation she needs, especially as her symptoms have become more pronounced. It includes a blend of carer visits and day care to enable Bill – who is in his eighties – to continue his golfing and other hobbies, and leave Kerry able to go to work with confidence and take care of her own household as well as spending time with her mum.

“These days she’s not left alone at all, she cannot be by herself, but she still wears the watch,” says Kerry.

“One thing I do wish is that we’d found the mCareWatch personal alarm earlier in the piece because I think it would have helped her keep her independence for longer when she was more well.”

The Research

“I thought, there must be something like a “Find my phone” style solution, personal alarm or a GPS tracker that we could somehow adapt to help keep Mum safe. I went searching online and through the Alzheimer’s Association. That’s when I found the mCareWatch and realised there’d be no need to adapt anything because someone had already done it.”

The watch immediately became Jacqueline’s must-have accessory and she’s been wearing it ever since.

The Solution

Even with changing health and circumstances, the watch remains a strong support.

“It means we can see where Mum is all the time, so if I am at work I am reassured that she’s where she should be. When she goes out on outings with the day care program I often give a quick call to make sure she’s having a good time. It’s also a lot easier to ring and talk to her on the watch than another phone because when I try on the home phone she never remembers to hang up. The mCareWatch automatically does that.”

In fact only recently Kerry used the GPS tracking technology on the mCareWatch to find her mum when they were out shopping and Jacqueline surged off to a different section of the department store.

“Rather than panicking or worrying I just rang her on the watch and asked her what she was looking at. That told me what department she was in and I found her straight away. Even now when she’s more unwell it gives her that little bit of independence. If we didn’t have that even going out shopping would be quite stressful for both of us. It means I don’t have to worry that I am going to lose her.”

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