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As a registered NDIS provider, our products and associated service plans can be funded through the NDIS. If you are an Occupational Therapist, Agency or a Self Managed NDIS Participant, ask us for a quote.

New mCare Digital app now available

When you purchase any of the mCare Digital device with a service plan of your choice, you also receive access to the mCare Digital app. We’ve made some uprades recently. Search ‘mCare Digital in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone. 

Paul and Peter Apsotolopoulos featured accepting an award at the Australian Disability Service Awards night for mCare Digital
mCare Digital was a Finalist in the 2021 Australian Disability Service Awards and this is the badge for that award recognition
mCare Digital is a registered NDIS official provider and this is the image of the logo showcasing that

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This is Dementia Choices logo displayed on the mCare Digital website as an accredited provider for Dementia services

The mCareWatch personal emergency alarm is Dementia Choice Accredited

Products endorsed by Dementia Choices are designed to create a dementia-friendly environment, allowing people with dementia to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.


By purchasing the mCareWatch, you are not only getting Australia’s number one (CHOICE reviewed) 4G SIM-enabled personal emergency smart watch, but also the peace of mind knowing your loved one is wearing the watch that can contact you anytime and call for help when required.

Our mCareWatch includes more features than mCareMate Emergency Alarm. Check out our comparison table below.

This is the image of the Black and White mCareWatch emergency personal alarm by mCare Digital
This is the photo of the Black mCare Mate emergency pendant by mCare Digital


mCareMate is a discreet personal alarm that can be independently worn without the need to connect to a base station or landline. It was developed after extensive consultation with individuals, families and organisations that support the elderly and people with disability, and builds on our existing suite of specialised caring technology solutions.

What is the difference?

This is a comparison table for mCareWatch and mCareMate assisting others to decide which personal emergency alarm by mCare Digital is right for them

How do they work?

This is a graphic showing how the emergency alarm protocol by mCare Digital works for Disability clients

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What People Are Saying

My son has been wearing the mCareWatch since December 2015  and it has saved his life a couple of times. 

Vicky Badger


There was some intial reluctance about wearing it because it was something new, but once he saw that the other kids consider it just another cool device, there was no going back. 

Jenny Owen


Case Study

The Challenge

Jenny Owen describes the day her son, Dylan Owen-Buoy went missing as the worst of her life. Dylan is a young adult living with autism, uncontrolled epilepsy and an intellectual disability. He wondered off whilst he was attending his day care program without anyone noticing and got lost. Hours have passed and nobody was able to locate Dylan despite the extensive search party that was mobilised, including a police helicopter. Thankfully, Dylan was found safe and well by some friendly construction workers on a building site he’d wandered onto. The relief for all concerned was enormous.

The Research

Jenny wanted to make sure this never happened again. She resumed her research for a reliable and descreet, all-in-one solution that would give her the peace of mind that Dylan is safe and has the ability to activate a personal alarm if in need. She saw the mCareWatch personal alarm on TV and the demonstration of it’s GPS capabilities, customised reminders, mobile phone capabilities and geofence breach alerts won her over and she was willing to give it a go.

The Findings

“It is very common for children with autism to be very tactile defensive and dislike wearing objects. As such, Dylan had some initial reluctance about wearing the mCareWatch personal alarm because it was something new, but once he saw that the other kids consider it just another cool device there was no going back,” Jenny explains. He loves the watch and enjoys the social phone calls he is getting from his friends who regularly check on him. It has given him the sense of freedom and connectivity he hasn’t experienced before.

The Solution

“Once you know about the mCareWatch, it’s just common sense,” says Jenny. “In our ‘after mCareWatch’ time we have breathing space and so much peace of mind. He has so much more freedom now. It’s just brilliant. It’s just chopped so much of the worry away.”

Jenny was able to get FAHCSIA funding to help pay for the watch and has been a passionate advocate of the personal alarm technology ever since.

Funding Resources

There are a number of funding options that you might want to consider depending on your personal circumstances. Further information, links and contact details for NDIS, Autism Spectrum Disability, Dementia Assistance, Assistive Technology and Equipment grants and more could be found via the link below.

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