Sector interest in client monitoring systems is continuing with Anglican Retirement Villages set to introduce ConnectiveCARE, a SOS mobile watch and software platform with new geo-fence technology.

Launched by specialist Australian healthcare technology company mCareWatch, ConnectiveCARE has been designed for the residential aged care market and builds on its monitoring device already in use by individuals and families in the community.

Allan Waters, general manager, operations south, Anglican Retirement Villages said the technology will be offered to its independent living clients to help support their independence and autonomy. “We feel that the technology adds a level of comfort and security for those people worried about a partner who may wander or have periods of forgetfulness,” he said.

Peter Apostolopoulos, co-director of mCareWatch said the system enables care facilities to tailor the level of monitoring and support according to the needs of individual residents. As well as its GPSand SOS functionality, the ConnectiveCARE system can send alerts when particular clients leave designated areas via the geo-fence functionality, a physical boundary to where someone can roam set via s GPS.

“Unlike conventional systems, boundaries for these ‘comfort zones’ can be tailored to suit client and facility needs,” said Apostolopoulos.

The software can also be programmed to differentiate between client groups to accommodate different levels of care needs and offer additional security in multiple environments, such as outdoors or group outings. The web-based platform enables 24-hour connection between clients and facility staff, which includes monitoring of residents’ whereabouts along with two-way voice communication for the client and carer in an emergency situation or for peace of mind.

Apostolopoulos said the need to balance safety and security with the right of the client to enjoy maximum mobility and independence was a fundamental consideration in the system’s design.