From: Hospital and Aged Care Publish Date: July 25, 2013

The SOS Mobile Watch, which doubles as a mobile personal emergency alarm or elderly monitoring system is available from mCareWatch.

Looking, feeling and working like an ordinary watch, it has an emergency/medical alert call button, phone and GPS tracking device and meets all relevant Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) standards.

Developed by mCareWatch, a new company founded by Australian brothers Peter and Paul Apostolopoulos and Paul Apostolis, it is linked to the Optus mobile digital network, to ensure sufficient coverage for most of the Australian population.

Peter Apostolopoulos said the watch was designed to overcome problems associated with conventional elderly alarms.

“Because they are often linked to a short range base station and are conspicuous and unwieldy to wear, conventional PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) can limit the mobility and independence of wearers and are often rejected or disliked because they can be conspicuous and uncomfortable. Cost is also an issue,” he said.

“The watch is the ?next generation? mobile PERS, or ?mPERS?. Discreet, lightweight and easy-to-wear, it works just as well whether wearers are at home or out and about because its operation is not limited by a ?base station? connection. It gives wearers all-important independence and mobility ? and carers vital peace of mind. It is also extremely affordable.”

The watch works by connecting its wearer with up to three carers via their Smartphones or Android mobiles. As well as enabling carers to check on the wearer?s location (with tracking for Smartphones via Google Maps and with Androids via GPS technology), in an emergency wearers simply hit the SOS button and the watch automatically calls the connected carers.

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