Berwick News Victoria
02 October 2014

By Lachlan Moorhead

WHEN Mayvis Tavinor fell off a step ladder and broke her hip last October, it took six hours before anyone came to her aid.
Lying on the floor writhing in pain, the 84-year-old had no way of contacting anyone after she fell.
It wasn?t until her granddaughter, Amber Tavinor of Berwick called Mayvis? home phone to check up on her that she realised something was wrong.
Now Amber and husband Chad, Business Manager for 313 Security Services, are making sure Mayvis is never put in that same position, stuck on the floor.
Through 313 Security Services, the Tavinors will now be the first distributor of the SOS Mobile Watch in Victoria, a device which enables it?s users to contact pre-set numbers automatically and monitors their movement.
The GPS tracker also acknowledges when a perimeter area has been set up, and notifies its contacts when the watch exits this area.
Chad said it was safe to say Mayvis had grown attached to her new watch. Almost a year after her horror fall, the 84-year-old is currently holidaying in Canada, a feat she wouldn?t have felt comfortable doing before.
Chad is now urging others in the Casey community to consider ways in which they can better protect their elderly loved ones, and to ensure they are in regular contact.
?It?s preventative action, it?s something we really feel would help people,? he said.
The SOS Mobile Watch, manufactured in Sydney, can be used all across Australia.
?When Mayvis was coming out of hospital, she had to do rehab and we couldn?t have someone with her all the time,? Chad said.
?But those times when she was by herself, we had the peace of mind that if she had another fall, she could push one button on the watch and it would ring, there are two programmed numbers in it.
?We made the decision that the first number goes through to the security control room. We knew someone was going to answer if it calls through to there, they have the details to follow if the button is pressed, and there is two way communications inside the watch, so they can speak to her.?