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reliable care and safety when it matters the most

mCare Digital solutions enhance the quality of life, safety and independence of the elderly,
people with disabilities and anyone in need of support and security.

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mCare Digital is an assistive technology provider facilitating reliable care when it matters the most. We’ve developed our technology to help those most vulnerable in our society to continue being themselves, maintain their dignity, independence and safety. Launching in 2012 into the aged care market, we have since expanded our services into disability and personal safety supporting consumers and enterprise customers. We believe our technology compliments your existing care and enables transparency, trust and collaboration in the process of improving care plans. Our solutions are easy to use, cost effective and reliable.



As a registered NDIS provider, we’ve helped thousands of people with disabilities enhance their quality of life by using our mCareWatch personal mobile and alarm. We support Occupational Therapists, Agencies and Individuals with their care plans.


We understand how important it is for your loved ones to maintain their independence and for you to have a peace of mind knowing they are ok. Ageing comes with a number of challenges, which is why we’ve developed the mCareWatch that provides remote care giving.


Personal safety isn’t guaranteed for everyone. Whether it’s the nature of your job that puts you in danger or your personal family environment poses a risk to your safety, our discrete solutions are supporting those in need. Your safety and privacy is important to us.



"I love this watch as I can always reach Dad to see how he is. Dad recently had a fall while on his own in his workshop. The watch worked brilliantly as he could call from the ground. Help was arranged and then we could hear and talk to him till help arrived. I absolutely recommend this watch."

Christine Fraser, Gladesville NSW

"The mCareWatch saved my mother's life. My mother was having chest pains and pressed the SOS emergency button and it worked perfectly. Help arrived very soon after. Thank you!"

Laurence Hawthorn, QLD

"My husband has dementia and is wearing the watch and I now feel a little more peace of mind knowing that I am able to find out where he is through my mobile app and also call him and the watch automatically answers the call."

Pam Woolfe, NSW